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[IMPORTANT] Utility Line Responsibility
Posted on Mar 27th, 2020

Please be aware that the Condo Association is not responsible to maintain, repair, or replace any utility lines which serve your Unit, nor are most defects/issues covered by the Association's insurance. Each Owner is responsible from the point at which their personal utility line branches off of the main line (this point is sometimes called the "curb box" to the point at which it exits in their home (a sink spigot, gas appliance, outlet, etc.). The utility provider is responsible for the main line (shared) and each Owner is responsible for the line from where it breaks off of the main to the point of use within their home. This means, that personal lines for which Owners are responsible for are not completely within the Unit alls, but also run outside - under ground and under asphalt, sidewalks, plantings, etc. 
Since each Owner is responsible for his or her utility lines, it is recommended that Owners be insured (most commonly sold by the utility company) for things that can go wrong with the utility lines that they own. For example, a utility company could inspect the lines and detect  a leak that needs repaired or simply state that the old installation method is now out of code and the Owner needs to pay to make changes and bring their lines up to current code. Recently, Peoples Gas found some issues in a homeowner's personal part of the line that needed to be repaired, and the Owner was responsible for the expense. Please note that if the line is under lawn space, asphalt, or a concrete sidewalk, this will increase the out-of-pocket expense for an Owner. The best way to hopefully defray the cost of an unexpected repair is to be insured. We have been told insurance takes 30 days to go into effect. 
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