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Pool Volunteers Needed
Posted on Apr 22nd, 2021
As we look forward to the opening of the community pool this summer, it is time to prepare for and "staff" the volunteer pool committee! The community greatly appreciates the volunteers who have served in previous years, and we hope to welcome more residents to the committee than ever before for this coming season. It is a great way to serve your fellow neighbor and pitch in to keep the pool operating as not only an enjoyable oasis in the summer, but a great selling feature of Oxford Court.
The Pool Committee Chairperson would like you to know:
-No prior pool experience is necessary - we will train in just a few minutes!
-The water quality testing only takes 10 minutes.
-The more volunteers on the committee, the easier the schedule is for everyone. We work with your schedule and availability.
Please seriously consider training for and trying out serving on this committee this year. If you are interested, please email your name, phone number and your email address to oxctpool@gmail.com and you will begin receiving committee information as the pool opening date approaches.  Please respond by May 10th so we have an idea how many volunteers will be available this season and can set up a training/refreshing date and time. Thank you!
Dog Ownership Responsibility
Posted on Apr 16th, 2021
Please be advised that it appears control of dog behavior in the community has become lax with some pet owners. There is uncollected dog waste on common ground and dogs are being allowed by their handlers to urinate on asphalt and on buildings (such as in mulch beds and building walls/siding underneath bay windows). We have seen that this is an increasing issue and is negatively effecting landscaping appearance as well as the landscape company. A blanket “warning notice” will be issued to the community that steps will be taken to pursue violating residents individually if it continues.
2021 Projects
Posted on Apr 12th, 2021
Please be advised that the Board of Directors and Rj Community Management are obtaining and reviewing bids for several community projects, such as stucco replacement on building #18-21 (last building), painting of trim on all buildings (anything currently wood and painted like doors, garage doors, trim, etc.), deck washing and staining for several decks (rotational schedule being evaluated). Proposals for projects such as roof replacements and deck replacement are also being obtained for long-term financial planning. Several roof replacements are expected to be budgeted for 2022. 
FYI - McCandless Township
Posted on Apr 12th, 2021
At its meeting on March 8, 2021, the Town Council of the Town of McCandless enacted Ordinance No. 1513, an ordinance amending Article 701 (Animals) to regulate the feeding of deer within town. The full ordinance can be reviewed here
Special Assessment
Posted on Apr 12th, 2021
Thank you for your payment of the 2021 special assessment to fund the Association's utility replacement account. The Association has accomplished reimbursing all Owners who came forward with documentation of out-of-pocket expenses for utility repair./replacement over the past several years from the Reserve Account and paid for a repair/replacement which was necessary in 2021. As the utility fund grows, it will "reimburse" the money that was needed from the Reserve Account and build up a balance to provide for future gas, sewer, and water line repairs. 

Oxford Court Condo Association
c/o Rj Community Management
4900 Perry Highway 
Building 1, Suite 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
Phone: 412-550-0003
Fax: 412-227-9003

Utility Fund - Annual Meeting Discussion
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